January Song of the Month: Prisoner of the Highway

Prisoner of the Highway is the fourth song of the month. The entire song will be available throughout January. A secret message about Kid opens the song, the contents of which may give a clue about his status; however, it is clear that he hit the road because he was run out of town. About 1:46 in, fast-paced rock turns frenetic, in a section I call “Chaos in 11/8.” It begins with grand piano abuse (if that wasn’t a thing before, it is now) and ends (hopefully) with your chest thumping. After a transition to rock and roll, it ends on a more thoughtful note, with just grand piano and spoken words. How do you like the mood changes? Thanks for listening.

[cdbaby type=”album”]5739ae34-56ad-4908-a9d3-2b80b8c5208e[/cdbaby]

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