February Song of the Month: D. C. Summer Night

D. C. Summer Night is the fifth song of the month and the album title song. The entire song will be available throughout February. Kid arrives in Washington, D. C., as a defiant badass, and after witnessing street violence up close and personal, he becomes a scared badass. Although it may seem to be a distinction without a difference, you will see in the next few songs that Kid’s life is changed forever. The song starts out as a ballad, with crickets accompanied by grand piano. Even as drums, 12-string guitar and bass join in, it stays a ballad until about 45 seconds in, at which time it becomes considerably more upbeat, and tension continues to build until. . . You are just going to have to listen to find out! Thanks for listening.

[cdbaby type=”album”]49c00290-f850-497d-a0aa-a8b3875ae88f[/cdbaby]

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  1. John Murphy says:

    The is awesome Craig!

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